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Wicked Angles Book Hour: “As Fast As Her” by Kendall Coyne

The U.S. Olympian gets a little too ahead of herself with the preach factor in this memoir of her hockey experiences.

Book Review: Nora’s Big Hockey Dream

Hockey can be hard, especially for those who feel that they don’t belong.

Reader’s Report: Being Sloane Jacobs

It’s The Cutting Edge meets Parent Trap in Lauren Morrill’s sophomore novel, Being Sloane Jacobs

Two excerpts from ‘Dare to Make History’

Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux’s book is out today

Review: ‘Dare to Make History’ gives unique insight into what it means to dream big, on and off the ice

The book, co-authored by three-time Olympians Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson and Monique Lamoureux-Morando, is out on Feb. 23

Shannon Szabados pens new children’s book “Every Bunny Loves to Play”

The Olympic goaltender also illustrated her first book!

Book Review: “Too Many Men on the Ice”

A logical successor to On the Edge

Q&A with Sami Jo Small on ‘The Role I Played’

‘The Role I Played’ chronicles Sami Jo Small’s career with Team Canada

From the raw emotion to the hilarious stories, Small’s memoir is a behind-the-scenes look at the national team and so much more.

Book Excerpt: The Role I Played by Sami Jo Small

Book Review: “On the Edge: Women Making Hockey History”

A unique time capsule offering a snapshot of women’s hockey before the Nagano Olympics

Reader’s Report: Cold Day in the Sun

From the rink to the record shop, Sara Biren’s Cold Day in the Sun has got something for everyone.

Reader’s Report: Michigan vs. The Boys

A book report on Carrie S. Allen’s novel

What to do while you’re social distancing: the women’s hockey edition

So you’re looking for some women’s hockey content to fill your time...

Q&A with Seth Berkman, author of ‘A Team of Their Own’

Plus an excerpt of his book on Korea’s first Olympic hockey team