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An Australian hockey analytics odyssey

Or, how to drag your barebones stats league into the analytics era

Top Shelf Episode 44: Australia’s Exceptional Children

Hannah talks to Alyssa Longmuir about Australian hockey, fancy stats, and more

2018 AWIHL Finals Preview

Its anyone's game as the AWIHL head into finals weekend with the Sydney Sirens looking to defend their first title

Top Shelf Podcast Episode 7: The Pirates Code

The CWHL gets its first openly trans player, Team USA and Team Canada goes head-to-head, and Hannah officially retires from #StumpHannah (not really).

2017 Women's Hockey Uniform Rankings

Do you want to be on top?

AWIHL : 2017-18 Season Preview

With the puck dropping this weekend, get up to date with whats happening down-under

Women’s Hockey 101: Australian Women's Ice Hockey League

Women’s hockey in Australia has a longer history than you think.

Brisbane Goannas, aka giant dinosaurs, could take over the AWIHL

You’re a lizard, Harry, and not a cute one.