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TIG Roundtable: Who will win Worlds?

A few of our writers talk about who they think will win

TIG Roundtable: Our NWHL awards

See who our writers would name to each award

TIG Roundtable: A discussion about racial issues in women’s hockey

A statement from the Ice Garden

TIG Roundtable: The jersey edition

Our favorites!

TIG Roundtable: Our thoughts on the NWHL bubble

Our writers sat down to share their thoughts about the latest in NWHL news.

TIG Roundtable: Reactions to the changes in the NWHL

Best rivalry in women’s hockey

Our writers talk about which matchup they think is the best.

2020 NWHL Draft: TIG Roundtable

Our thoughts on the draft.

Women’s hockey and COVID-19

As the response to the novel virus changes, we’ll keep you updated on how women’s hockey games are impacted