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Top Shelf Episode 83: State of Women’s Hockey

Fruit Salad

Top Shelf Episode 81: USA Canada exhibitions

Plus Michelle and Hannah struggle with various things

Top Shelf Episode 80: Fancy Stats with Alyssa

Our favorite Australian fills in for Michelle

Top Shelf Episode 79: The UnderWhales

Catch up on the first four weeks of NWHL play

Top Shelf Episode 76: NWHL preview

Plus trivia!

Top Shelf Episode 75: 2019-20 NCAA Preview

Its college hockey szn

Top Shelf Episode 74: Owners and sponsors and twitch, oh my! 


Top Shelf Episode 73: How do dogs wear pants?

We swear it has to do with women’s hockey...mostly...

Founding 4 Pod Episode 61: Get Thwacked

The Whale are swimming with a new pod

The Founding 4 Podcast Episode 60: The Newark Massacre

Boston brings the heat against the Riveters after NWHL players return from the 2019 Rivalry Series