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The Ice Garden’s NCAA Poll: Top Dogs

The bottom of our poll is in shambles but at the top teams are really starting to heat up.

The Ice Garden’s NCAA Poll: Creeping Ivy

Things are heating up and the finalized playoff picture is starting to form.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Welcome Back

We are approaching the time when we start to look at magic numbers and clinching options but there will be lots to decide over the coming weeks.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Welcome Back

We are in the second half and things are heating up. Plenty of intrigue to be had on both sides of the country.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Farewell for finals

We have reached the semester break and had a bit of turmoil to wrap the year up. We will return in the New Year with a new poll.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Return to chaos

Very little is constant in this sport except the craziness that is one week to the next. We have one poll left before the end of the calendar year.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Bow wow Bulldogs

We finally got some exciting OOC games and they definitely shook things up.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Chaos Sauce

Well that was a bit nutty, plenty of exciting games with exciting results and no one agrees about anything.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Holiday Hors d’oeuvres

It’s our last look at the teams before the big gluttony of OOC games for the holidays.

SB Nation’s NCAA Poll: Quarter Quell

We are really starting to see who the teams really are. The coming weeks will give us a few great OOC meetings but for now the conference play has been generous.