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She Plays Launches PHF Fantasy Hockey App

PHF fantasy hockey is back!!

The PHF’s new stars are shining bright

Newcomers and familiar faces in new places stole the show in November

PHFuture Considerations Ep. 14: Early Season Check-in

With special guest Allie Morse!

Bujold’s big start

Sarah Bujold has brought her scoring prowess from the SDHL to the PHF

USA looks to build on momentum in Game 3 of the Rivalry Series

The Rivalry Series comes to Seattle

Buckle up for the Gabel-Giguère connection

Team Canada’s skilled forwards have already made an impact in the PHF

10 predictions for the 2022-23 PHF season

It’s reckless prediction season!

PWHPA to host All-Star Weekend in Ottawa

Get ready for some skills and a wild 3-on-3 tournament in Ottawa

The Women’s Sports Network has arrived

And it will have women’s hockey content soon

Rivalry Series rosters announced

Claire Thompson is back for Team Canada and Team USA will be introducing a bunch of newcomers to the best rivalry in sports