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2020 Top 25 Under 25 | No. 17, 18: Sophie Shirley, Maddie Rooney

Two WCHA players are next up on our list.

2020 Top 25 Under 25 | No. 24, 25: Katie Burt, Jaycee Gebhard

We start our ranked spots with a newcomer.

2019-20 NWHL Season Recap: Minnesota Whitecaps

The Isobel Cup winner is still up in the air, but Minnesota solidified a successful season.

NWHL Roster Recaps: April 24

What the last two weeks looked like for next season’s rosters, also a whole new team.

My Social Distancing Watchlist

With a month off of work, here’s the movies keeping me occupied!

2020 Isobel Cup Playoffs Preview: Riveters at Whitecaps

These two teams have split every weekend they’ve played, but there’s only one game left.

NWHLPA Director Anya Packer details next NWHL season during broadcast

During the intermission of the final regular season game, the Riveters analysis reflected on the league and looked forward to the future

NWHL playoff schedule is set

After the longest season yet, the NWHL standings are locked in.

2020 NWHL All-Star Weekend Preview

The players are shipping up to Boston…

Q&A with NWHL Open Ice Host, GamerDoc

From med school to esports to hockey and Twitch, the self-proclaimed nerd who does it all.