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2022 Olympics: Canada advances to gold medal game, beating Switzerland 10-3

The Canadians dominated the Swiss and handily punched their ticket to the gold medal game

2022 Olympic How to Watch Quarterfinal 4: Finland vs. Japan

Finland and Japan are vying for the final spot in the semifinals

2022 Olympic How to Watch Quarterfinal 1: USA vs. Czechia

USA will look for the win over Czechia in the Olympic tournament’s first quarterfinal match-up

How to watch: 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase

Some of the PHF’s brightest stars are shipping up for a weekend in Buffalo, where they’ll put their talents to the test in a new All-Star Showcase format.

The future is bright for the PHF in Montréal

Included in the PHF’s Tuesday morning announcement was confirmation of a Montréal expansion team

2022 PHF All-Star Showcase captains select their teams

Mikyla Grant-Mentis selected first overall in the 2022 PHF All-Star Showcase draft

Breaking down the 2022 United States Olympic roster

Collegiate, professional, and international journeywomen make up the 2022 American Olympic squad.

NCAA Game(s) of the Week: Quinnipiac at Wisconsin

Two top-ranked teams will take the ice against each other to ring in 2022

The hockey world reacts to the cancellation of U18 Worlds

It seemed as though the hockey world united over the holidays to implore the IIHF to do the right thing.

Q&A: Mio’s path to illustrating for the PHF

"I’m really just a kid grown up online with a love for fantasy, worldbuilding, history, fashion, animation and the magical who loves doing art, and doesn’t really want to do anything else with my life."