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The road to expansion: six cities the PHF could put new teams in

From the Six to a terrific 10, but where will four new teams go?

Nine games in, Buffalo Beauts are facing a crisis of identity

With that, however, comes that all-too-familiar question: Who are the Beauts?

Where to visit in Buffalo for the All-Star Showcase

A final farewell: Corinne Buie hangs up the skates

Congratulations on a terrific career.

Beauts double their presence at All-Star Showcase after fan vote

Buffalo sweeps the fan vote, will send four more players to Toronto

Five players snubbed by the PHF’s All-Star picks

We know there are only so many slots, but... there are some things that make you go hmmm.

Wicked Angles: Video review a necessary, yet underutilized change for the PHF

It’s not clear whether or not the refs have been given enough guidance on the new video review system — yet another hallmark of miscommunication in the PHF.

No longer playing catch up: Manhattanville’s Hannah Beckman helps grow the game in Puerto Rico and beyond

From a crash course in hockey to winning gold at the LATAM Cup, Beckman is making a name and space for herself

Claudia Kepler’s signing another weapon in the arsenal for upstart Beauts

Yet another winger with overseas experience and a great resume? Yes please.

Three ups, three downs: Beauts split a wild weekend against Metro

Two outta six ain’t bad, but could be a lot better.