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Wicked Angles: The pros and cons of single-elimination playoffs

Why the next era of PHF playoff hockey should have true series and not single-elimination showdowns.

Three times the charm: Pride shock Whale for another Isobel Cup

Boston becomes the first team in PHF/NWHL history to win back-to-back titles, as well as to have three Isobel Cup wins under its belt.

Isobel Cup Preview: Boston Pride vs. Connecticut Whale

Do we get back-to-back champs, or do we get first-time Izzy winners? Either way, it’s history in Tampa.

Isobel Cup Notebook, Day One: no upsets, plenty of vibes

The Beauts and Riveters are the first outs of the quarterfinals, leaving Boston and Minnesota to take on the top two seeds in the PHF.

Trivigno’s signing bringing Beauts closer to completion

More depth down the middle? Yes, please.

Wicked Angles: PHF, teams need to turn their eyes toward an overlooked market in women’s hockey

While the league has pushed a family-friendly image overall, the adults in the room have a lot to offer, especially the younger ones.

Tyler Tumminia to step down as PHF Commissioner following playoffs

Tumminia will remain with the PHF through the completion of the Isobel Cup playoffs before stepping down

Three ups, three downs: Riveters, Beauts split season series

The Riveters and Beauts each have a win and a loss against each other, with Metro holding the slight edge in points.

The road to expansion: six cities the PHF could put new teams in

From the Six to a terrific 10, but where will four new teams go?

Nine games in, Buffalo Beauts are facing a crisis of identity

With that, however, comes that all-too-familiar question: Who are the Beauts?