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PHF Roster Recap: August 2022

Where has the summer gone, but also when are we getting a PHF schedule...

Wicked Angles: Longtime salary silence in FA shows how far PHF has yet to go transparency-wise

TIG Reacts Survey Results: Show us the money

TIG Reacts Survey: PHF player salary disclosure

What do you think about salary disclosure?

All-Star Carly Jackson is just getting started

The newly-minted Six goalie has won over many with her talent and personality, but she has lots more to show.

Beauts Notebook: Free agent camp brings a big turnout, bigger decisions for Buffalo’s front office

Beauts sign Dominique Kremer to two-year deal, first signing of the 2022-23 season

Buffalo kicks off PHF free agency with the first multi-year deal in league history

Looking back, moving forward: a conversation with Ty Tumminia

The former PHF commissioner sat down with TIG to discuss her two-season tenure.

PHF Free Agency starts May 1: what to know

The news broke earlier Wednesday morning along with a host of details related to Season Eight and beyond.

Anya Packer declines to renew contract as Riveters general manager

The first-year GM tweeted the news earlier Wednesday that she would not reprise her role for Year Eight.