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AWIHL : 2017-18 Season Preview

With the puck dropping this weekend, get up to date with whats happening down-under

Women’s Hockey 101: Australian Women's Ice Hockey League

Women’s hockey in Australia has a longer history than you think.

Brisbane Goannas, aka giant dinosaurs, could take over the AWIHL

You’re a lizard, Harry, and not a cute one.

AIHL announces Women in Ice Hockey Summit

The first ever Women in Ice Hockey Summit will include speakers from AFLW and the AWIHL.

What is the AWHL and where did it come from?

Does anyone know anything about #awhl2018 because we know absolutely nothing

USA Hockey begins shopping for replacement USWNT players

After USA Hockey and the USWNT reported “productive” talks, USA Hockey began reaching out to potential replacements on Thursday.

Sydney Sirens are AWIHL champions at last

Sydney Sirens beat out the Brisbane Goannas in the shootout to claim their first AWIHL Championship after an undefeated season

AWIHL history in the making

For the first time in 5 years, the AWIHL is going to have a new champion.

AWIHL Finals Preview

Women’s ice hockey will descend on Sydney this weekend as teams strive to lift the Joan McKowen Trophy

Better triple OT than never: Saint Mary’s wins AUS Championship

Saint Mary’s edged out Saint Francis Xavier 3-2 in a marathon game