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ESPN+ to stream the entire 2021-22 Premier Hockey Federation season

All 60 regular season games plus playoffs and special events will be available to stream live exclusively on ESPN+ in the U.S.

Michela Cava to join the Six for 2021-22

After four high scoring seasons in the SDHL, former Toronto Furies player Michela Cava is coming home to play for the Toronto Six

PHF Offseason: News Roundup 9/19

Here’s the news you might have missed after the PHF rebrand

2021 Worlds: Switzerland recap

Fourth place is nothing to scoff at for Switzerland

NWHL rebrands to PHF

The NWHL is now officially the Premier Hockey Federation.

Nova Scotia to host the PWHPA

The first game of the 2021-22 Secret Dream Gap Tour will also be the first time that a professional women’s hockey game will be played in Atlantic Canada

N-WHKYe: Showing what a point is worth in women’s hockey

From Beauts, to Buckeyes, to Badgers, to the Brisbane Goannas, N-WHKYe is a metric to compare the offensive production of women’s hokcey players worldwide

Team Switzerland’s All Time Starting Six

They might not be a powerhouse yet, but there’s no shortage of women’s hockey talent in Switzerland

2021 NWHL Draft Recap: The Toronto Six

The Six drafted eight

Krysti Clarke could be a game-changing hire for the Toronto Six

Bringing with her a wealth of experience in professional sports, business management and leadership, letting Krysti Clarke take the reins might be exactly what this young franchise needs