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2022 Top 25 Under 25 | 8: Cayla Barnes

Eighth overall, second among defenders, it’s Cayla Barnes

2022 Top 25 Under 25 | 10: Abby Roque

If you don’t know who Abby Roque is already, you’re about to.

Metropolitan Riveters offseason moves clouded by Digit Murphy hire

Digit Murphy has made her apologies to the trans community, it’s not up to anyone else whether or not they are accepted

Mel Davidson joins the PHF as Director, League and Hockey Operations

Davidson will join Lisa Haley in hockey ops as she takes on the role of Director, League and Hockey Operations

2021-22 PHF season recap: Toronto Six

Inside Brock University’s student organized Isobel Cup watch party

With the help of a professor, Brock SPMA student, Kyra Kwan organized an on campus event for PHF fans to watch the Isobel Cup Final

2022 PHF Semifinal Preview: Six vs. Pride

Once again, it’s Toronto vs. Boston for the last spot in the Isobel Cup Final

How the Riveters’ Black Rosie jerseys came to be

The idea of a Black Rosie jersey has existed for seasons, but thanks to the right people being given the right opportunities, it’s finally become a reality

Tyler Tumminia to step down as PHF Commissioner following playoffs

Tumminia will remain with the PHF through the completion of the Isobel Cup playoffs before stepping down

Toronto’s first period troubles are solved by second period strengths

In 2021-22, the Toronto Six have won and lost games almost exclusively in the second period