PHF Preseason Power Rankings

This is a big season for the PHF: a new team, more games, and real salaries. We’re going to get some really awesome hockey this year. I put this together based on reporting from The Ice Garden, The Victory Press, what I’ve seen from preseason, and my own personal hockey feelings. Preseason records are based on this article from the Victory Press.

1. Boston Pride (Preseason Record 3-2)

In my original draft of these power rankings, I put Connecticut first. But then I remembered seeing top prospects Gabel and Giguere in preseason with some truly filthy finishes. Allie Thunstrom wasn’t even at that game. Add those three to the reigning Isobel Cup champions and let's face it, they are built for a threepeat (three and a half? What does 2020 count as?). Keep calm and trust Jillian Dempsey.

2. Connecticut Whale (Preseason Record 2-0)

Connecticut is big and scary, just like last year. I know they didn’t win the cup, but that wild weekend in Florida left so many what ifs on the table. What if they were playing at home in Connecticut? What if it were a series? In how many universes could that game have gone a different way? And that Kennedy Marchment interview where she talks about upping her game this year? Yikes! This team has no holes and a high ceiling. Watch out PHF.

3. Metropolitan Riveters (Preseason Record 3-1)

I’ll be honest, I’m having trouble keeping track of this team. With an almost entirely new squad, a lot of whom I am unfamiliar with, it’s hard to really visualize what this team is going to be like. The Ice Garden and The Victory Press say these new players are really good, but the question remains, how well will they work together? The preseason should probably be taken with a grain of salt, but they did really well in those games. When Madison Packer and Kendall Cornine have support, the Rivs can give anyone a hard time.

4. Toronto Six (No Preseason Games)

I think Toronto’s about as strong as they were last season at the end of the year. While possibly the biggest name in the league took her talents to Buffalo, Michela Cava and some of the other new signings go a long way to filling that void. I’m just not sure Toronto’s improved that much, especially compared to the teams I’ve ranked above them. That being said, Toronto has one of the best goaltender duos in the league, and play a very fun brand of hockey. It will be interesting to see what they do.

5. Minnesota Whitecaps (Preseason Record 0-1)

This is a backheavy team. With Leveille, Baldwin, and Boulier the Whitecap’s transition game is going to be devastating. That being said, the loss of their two top scorers hurts, and I can’t hep feel like they lack depth up front. There’s still the potential to be really good. Defenders like Baldwin and Boulier can make up for the shortcomings of their forwards, and we all know Lev can steal games. But when they play against teams with deep defense and deep offense, they’re going to struggle.

6. Montreal Force (Preseason Record 0-1)

Montreal is a wildcard. They have proven talent, but, just like the Riveters, the question is how will they play together? They looked decent against the Pride in one of (if not the only) streamed preseason game. I hope their Quebec home game tour is fun for fans and fun for them.

7. Buffalo Beauts (Preseason Record 0-3)

The Mikyla Grant-Mentis signing was the most exciting news out of the PHF off season by far, but these preseason games have skewed my perception of this team. I know not to take them too seriously, and I hope my assessment is completely wrong. It would be a lot of fun to see them contend this year. I’m going to the game in Boston on January 15th, and I hope the score is something like 6-7 with overtime (sorry goalies). Let’s hope they put this preseason behind them and stampede out the gates.