Watching Pro Hockey This Season

I've done a little digging to find out where to watch various leagues this year.

NWHL - this news just dropped, they will be streaming on Twitch at this link. You do not need a Twitch account to watch games, although accounts and subscribing get you perks (I don't actually know what they are. I don't have a Twitch account).

PWHPA - The Toronto leg of the Dream Gap tour will have streaming on their website somewhere, sponsored by Budweiser Canada. We will find out more later. If sponsorship luck continues, they may have streaming of their other games.

SDHL - Press release here lists SVT and C More as broadcasters. 192 games per season will be shown on Sportkanalen and C More. The finals and another 25 matches will be broadcast on SVT's platforms. C More can be purchased here and it looks like you need to buy the All Sports option to get all 192 games. Current price ends up being around $47 USD per month. It may be geo-locked as I couldn't get past that screen.

Naisen Liiga - All games are streamed and recorded on Ruutu on the landing page for the league here. It is 9.95 Euro per month, around $11 USD. It doesn't seem to be geoblocked but I didn't dig that deep to find out.

WHL (Russia) - All games are live streamed for free through their youtube page here. Some older games may be geoblocked but the most recent games played for the Open Cup GHL are not. They have future games posted there as well.

AWIHL - I haven't heard anything from them about streaming this year but they streamed all their games on their youtube channel here and hopefully that will continue this year.