You win some, you lose some, then you win some more, against the team that you’re 1-25-2 with. RPI's week in hockey.

RPI had three games this week, Wed, Jan 9th at 4pm against Syracuse, Fri, Jan 11th at 6pm against Clarkson and today, Jan 12th at 3pm against St. Lawrence.

In the game against Syracuse, it was typical RPI hockey, where Lovisa Selander makes over 40 saves, holds off the other team while the rest of the team do their best but only manage around 20 shots on goal. They also have trouble making passes and getting out of their zone. But they sometimes they get just enough goals to squeak out a win. And that’s what they did.

Unfortunately I had work and was unable to attend this game but I tuned in on RPI tv, which all their home games are streamed free on their website and youtube while I was walking my dog. I joined the stream around halfway through the second period where RPI was up 1-0 with shots somewhere around 20-9 in favor of Syracuse. Sophomore Laura Severson scored a goal less than a minute after I started watching. It was a really rad backhand over the pads of junior Ady Cohen.

Syracuse junior Anonda Hoppner scored in the third period on a rebound but RPI held Syracuse off for the rest of the period. Shots were 42 to 19 in favor of Syracuse.

Yesterday, RPI played against Clarkson, who are ranked 6th in the ECAC. This ended up being an extremely physical game, especially when RPI hadn’t scored by halfway through the third period. There were only seven penalties in the game but there were at least a handful of times where players hit the ice and there was no call, even when the players were extremely slow to get up. Fans on both sides were pissed.

There was a little bit of spicy action where two players ended up with matching roughing penalties for some shenanigans. There ended up being a 4 on 3 for a little while too. Clarkson scored on the powerplay once the matching roughing penalties were over.

Clarkson’s goalie, grad student Kassidy Sauve got an assist on the first goal Clarkson scored and a puck to the wrist under her blocker part way through the second period. She was slow to get up and her teammate, sophomore Kia Castonguay took over for the rest of the game.

Clarkson not only outshot RPI 45 to 19, they won with a score of 5 to 1. Lovisa Selander made 40 saves, which again, is bonkers.

Today was the game against St. Lawrence. Oh wow was it a game. St. Lawrence has won 25 of the 28 games ever played between the two teams. RPI’s only win against them was in October 2010. I wasn’t expecting much in this game but the game against Clarkson must have lit a fire under RPI because they came out hard and played better than they have most of the season.

One change is that their starting defensive pair went from senior Josefine Hansen and freshman Delaney Weiss to sophomore Madeleine Burnett and junior Megan Hayes.

Interestingly, RPI has only four defenders on the team, which may explain some of the issues they have in front of the net. Megan Hayes is actually a forward.

But she did well tonight as did the whole team. It was an end to end action kind of game.

RPI scored first, a two on one where senior Taylor Schwalbe passed across the top of the crease to sophomore Aimee Raithby, who popped it up over St. Lawrence goaltender Sonjia Shelly.

Just a few minutes later, St. Lawrence tied it up on the powerplay pretty much doing the same move.

After the end of the first period, it looked like RPI was having their normal issues, outshot 15 to 7.

Less than two minutes into the second period, St. Lawrence grad student Kayla Nielsen sniped a shot to put them up 2 to 1. Forty five seconds later, Sabrina Repaci blasted a shot from between the circles that just slipped past Shelly to tie the game again. Repaci’s teammates were so excited, they took her down to the ice.

From there, it was back and forth action, incredible goaltending with both goalies standing on their heads at times. Defense was tight and it was a really fun game to watch. This game was not very physical and so not too many penalties were called. At one point, RPI attempted to dump the puck in deep for a change and it bounced off a St. Lawrence player instead and those tired RPI players were stuck in their zone for another full minute. There weren’t a lot of stoppages in play either.

Incredibly, RPI did much better with shots, 32 to 26 in favor of St. Lawrence. That’s pretty darn good for them.

It went to overtime.

St. Lawrence had taken a penalty with less than two minutes left in the third period so it was 5 on 4 hockey in overtime. There was a scramble at puck drop, and junior Blake Orosz received it from the scrum and immediately skated for the goal. She shot an absolute sniper shot from the circle over Shelly’s right shoulder and scored.

Her teammates smashed her into the boards right in front of me and it was awesome.