How I Fell In Love With Women's Hockey

I have always loved sports. When i was young I played, soccer, softball, basketball, you name it and I tried it. The only exception being hockey.

I grew up in Dallas Texas, which at the time was not much of a Hockey Town™. I eventually made it to a Dallas Stars game, and to tell the truth, I wasn't really into it. To me it seemed too confusing and violent, luckily my opinions all changed when I went to college at Boston University.

I've always done Band so there was no reason I wasn't going to do it at BU, and instead of dipping my toe in the water that is BU Bands, I dove in. I began attending every basketball, hockey, and miscellaneous sports game I could with my new band friends. BU Bands has a way of making you into a crazy sports fan, and it definitely had done that to me.

During women's games, we were a lot closer to the ice and we had very little competition regarding noise level. If you've ever seen the BU Band in action, that means you know how truly ridiculous we are. So I naturally fell in line yelling ridiculously for this team of women who were tearing it up on the ice, playing their hearts out. Now, when you're a band kid, generally you're not the coolest and most athletes will not comment on your presence. The BU Women's Ice Hockey Team is incredibly different.

This team has consistently made the band feel wanted and appreciated. Every year they throw a pizza party for us and we mingle together. We exchange twitter valentines, and we travel together. This past year, they even attended our home show for our Marching Band. They are so consistently lovely that it makes you want to cheer harder for them. Thus I fell in love with the sport because this group of women is consistently hardworking, kind, and just fun to watch in general, every single year, no matter how much the team has changed.

I wish I could personally thank every single one of them for bringing me into this world of women's hockey where women are strong and able to be whoever they want to be regardless of race, age, gender, and sexuality. I love women's ice hockey and I can never thank the Boston Univeristy Women's Ice Hockey Team enough showing me this incredible world.